5 Raw Milk Cheeses You Need to Try

Not everyone realizes raw milk cheeses are legal in Canada. Thankfully cheeses made with unpasteurized milk are allowed in the Great White North. And they are delicious!

Here are 5 raw milk cheeses you should try.

(Pregnant women & immunocompromised individuals should avoid unpasteurized cheeses due to the very small risk they may contain harmful bacteria.) 

1. Challerhocker
Switzerland, Cow Milk

Challerhocker cheese

The name (pronounced "hawler-hocker") translates to "sitting in the cellar," a nod to 12 months of cellar aging. This firm and dense yet silky smooth cheese is from the Swiss Alps. It's an intense flavour bomb that tastes of roasted peanuts, brown butter, and caramel.

2. Tomme de Savoie
France, Cow Milk

Tomme de Savoie is a raw milk cheese available at TOMME cheese shop.

This raw-milk beauty develops a thick rustic rind that exudes the aroma of wet hay. Inside, the paste is semi-soft and pliable with lovely complex earthy, grassy, and nutty flavour notes.

3. Treizième Apôtre (13th Apostle)
Quebec, Goat Milk

Treizieme Apotre is a raw milk cheese available from TOMME cheese Shop.

A semi-firm cheese with a creamy white paste that exudes delicate hazelnut flavours and fruit aromas. Awarded Grand Champion in the Goat, Sheep, Water Buffalo and Mixed Milk section of the 2022 Canadian Cheese & Butter Competition.

4. Roquefort
France, Sheep Milk

Roquefort cheese.

The blue cheese that started them all, Roquefort is a powerhouse cheese that's been aged in the caves of Roquefort-sur-Soulzon, France. The flavours are tangy, salty, crumbly, and sharp with a rich and creamy texture. 

5. Reblochon
France, Cow Milk

Reblochon is a raw milk cheese available at TOMME Cheese Shop.

A classic rich-in-fat Alpine cheese. While it smells of mothballs, getting past the strong odour will reward you with a buttery texture, nuanced lightly fruity flavour, and an intense nutty aftertaste.

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