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This classic French cheese was born in the 13th century in the Savoie region. 

According to legend, a farmer owed his landlord a percentage of his daily milk production. On the day the landlord came to measure the milk, the crafty farmer only performed a partial milking. As soon as the landlord left, the farmer completed the milking. The milk from that second milking was very fatty and was used to make cheese.

The rich flavourful cheese was called “Reblochon” from the word re-blocher in the Savoyard dialect, which roughly translates to "second pinch" of the cow's udder.

Quantities are limited. Sold in quarter wheel portions of ~110 g. (For a whole wheel just order 4 pieces and we'll leave it whole.)

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Customer Reviews

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Paul Fitzpatrick


Graham Sudbury

It was interesting and good quality but i ate it before letting it warm properly. I am glad that I tried it as it is a classic. it was easier to appreciate than Epoisse.

Wendy Raymond

Used this cheese to make a tatifflette and it tasted great. Definitely will order from this shop again when I need different types of cheese.