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Organic Crackers

too dry... and too crisp for my taste

Peter Varty
Excellent 😊

A wonderful discovery

34 Degree Crisps
Thomas Stinson
Tom and Dan’s review

They’re too thin — difficult to spread anything on top of them. Really, they’re just glorified communion wafers.

Black Truffle Pearls
C&T Campbell
Fabulous treat!

We were skeptical at first, but decided to give it a try. They are delicious on cheese, eggs, toast, and potatoes. It looks like a small jar but you only need a tiny dollop to get that real truffle flavour. We will definitely buy this again.

Black Truffle Pearls
Susie Campbell

The flavour, texture, and versatility make these the perfect luxury!

The Real Thing

These are bagels … not bread rolls.

Perfect addition to your cheese board!

A tasty and crispy cracker to eat with your fav cheese that you picked up from Tomme!

Medium Cheese Board
Cody Madill
Thanks Tomme!

The cheese board was fabulous!

The customer service was lovely, my friend and I felt like guests from the moment we walked in and were pleased to find out order filled promptly. The cheese board was delicious.

We will definitely return.

Cheers TOMME team!

Black Truffle Pearls

Haven't opened the grey salt with white truffles yet, but the black truffle pearls are fabulous! Please keep them in stock. Christine and Terry

Polestar Hearth Sourdough Bread
Peggy Curry

it was excellent!

Good cheese - Not so good packaging

Cheese was very different - so soft and strong flavour. But if I had too many bites in a row I found the flavour a little overwhelming. BUT my main issue is the plastic packaging. There was a slight amount of water inside the packaging which made the cheese feel slightly damp.

Yeah, this is a stronger and more rustic cheese, isn't it?? We find it's best paired with a heartier, grainy cracker to balance out the tang. It does have a relatively high moisture content and tends to give off whey which leads to the dampness you noted. This is part of the nature of the cheese but understandably not appealing to everyone. We would agree that the packaging does tend to leak a bit, so we can repackage for anyone on request. Thanks for the thoughtful review, Kim!!

Parmigiano Reggiano
Karen Leiva

Loved it

Brie with Truffles
Vikki Palmer
Total Decadence!

This Brie with Truffles was rich and creamy and absolutely delicious!! A little went a long way and I will definitely buy it again.

Saucisson Sec Sticks

Just recently bought this, lots of flavour, I was expecting the sausage to be a little softer in texture, sausage is firm but it was great on our charcuterie board.

Blu '61
Sheila O'Reilly
Blu ’61!

Yes, Blu ’61! needs an exclamation mark. What a fascinating mixture of flavours, all combining in one power packed delicious experience. And I’m not even a blue cheese fan. Or rather, I wasn’t a fan - now I am!

Custom Gift Boxes
Lucy Moretti
Lucy Moretti

I heard back from my Aunt & she just loved it! She appreciated the great selection of cheeses too! Thank you for accommodating my requests. She & her family thoroughly enjoyed the gift basket! Thanks so much!

Montreal Bagels from St-Viateur (1/2 doz)

Wendy Raymond

One of my favourite cheeses. I live in a rural area with very little choice of cheeses unless I travel far. I will continue to order from Tomme Cheese Shop , as they have a greatt selections of cheese with fast shipping

Blu '61
John Cossar

Different. Though I am not yet fully convinced that it really works. The cranberry coat is sweeter than I expected. Doesn't go particularly well with apples or pears. Probably best with crackers. Certainly not a half-hearted blue cheese, nice creamy feel. Would be good on a cheese board.

Madame Loik
Ben Davies
I really loik it

No contest. A tub of Philly will last me months, a tub of Madame Loik is gone in less than a week.

Black Garlic Manchego
Heather Grainger-Frost

This cheese is both unique and addictive. It’s a big hit/conversation starters at parties and is both creamy and nutty. Huge recommend!


Very lovely with crackers and a glass of red

Why do I only know le Treizième Apôtre now?!

I mean, I’m Catholic, I went through umpteen years of Catechism, and I came from a family which loves good cheese. So why did I not find out about the delicious Treizième Apôtre until now? Thank you, Tomme, for really furnishing my religious education.

Bless you, child.

Montreal Bagel Subscription (1/2 doz)

Good cheeses

Good cheeses but a little beyond our budget. My wife doesn’t want to treat herself because its like Gold if you use it. We love this creative idea to introduce cheeses we would not have selected ourselves. The budget thing is our issue not yours. So be blessed as you continue to bring the excellence of cheeses to our region.

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