TOMME Rewards Program

With the new TOMME Rewards Program, you earn awesome loyalty rewards and cash vouchers in no time. 

We'll give you 250 points just for signing up! And the points will keep rolling in with each purchase.

Join the TOMME Rewards Program Now

Get to the Points

Earning reward points is fast and super easy! 

You automatically get 5 points for every $1 you spend with TOMME, online and in-store (be sure to let us know you're a member). There's no limit to how many points you can earn, so go ahead and rack them up!

Plus you can earn heaps of extra points for other simple activities!

  • Joining the program (250 points)
  • Visit our website (25 points/week)
  • Follow us on Instagram (50 points)
  • Follow us on Facebook (50 points)
  • Have a birthday (500 points)
  • Give your friends a 20% discount at TOMME (1000 points)

The Rewards

Best of all, we offer tons of awesome rewards! You decide if you'd like to get lots of little perks quickly or save up your points for big rewards!

Cash Vouchers

  • $5 voucher (500 points)
  • $10 voucher (1000 points)
  • $15 voucher (1500 points)
  • $25 voucher (2500 points)
  • $50 voucher (5000 points)

Product Rewards

  • Fig Spread (750 points)
  • Mini Cheese Slicer (800 points)
  • SOMA Chocolate Bar (1000 points)
  • Stainless Steel Cheese Slicer (1400 points)
  • BBQ Raclette Pan (1400 points)
  • Custom-made Cheese Board (4300 points)
  • Cheese Knife & Board Set (4600 points)

Sign Up Now—Get 250 Points Immediately

How It Works

  1. Create for a customer account on our website.
  2. Points for purchases will be added to you account automatically. If you're shopping in store, let us know your a loyalty program member.
  3. Your points balance will be displayed in the TOMME Rewards Points widget in the bottom right corner of the page when you're on our website.
  4. Click on the widget to discover the additional ways to earn points or to see all the rewards you've earned.
  5. To claim a reward, just click "Redeem". You'll get an instant coupon code that can be pasted into the discount code box at check out.