Grilled Cheese Pro Tips

We’re no strangers to grilled cheese sandwiches. Back before COVID put the kibosh on indoor dining, we used to sling golden-brown sammies by the dozen.

(Anyone remember our legendary Lobster + Mac & Cheese Grilled Cheese??)

If you feel like your grilled cheese game needs some work, check out these strategies and techniques we used to keep things fresh and interesting here at TOMME.

Shred your cheese

Still slicing your cheese? Who’s got time for that? Grating your cheese is way faster and easier. It’s also perfect for combining different cheeses in the same sandwich. Grated cheese also incorporates additional ingredients such as cured meats, sauces, sauteed veg, and herbs in a gooey embrace.

Add Variety

Forget Cheddar for just a minute. There are so many other great cheese choices, many of which have a higher moisture content and are designed to melt—think Raclette, Gruyere, Comte, young Goudas.

Use cheeses that don't melt

Many drier cheese taste great but don't melt very well. Think Manchegoaged Gouda, or Pecorino Romano. But if you combine them with a cheese that does go gooey, you get the best of both worlds.

Look to sweet ingredients

A cheese-friendly fruit spread or other topping with an element of sweetness will add an unexpected bright but welcome taste to your grilled cheese, all the more so if it’s sour or acidic. We love to add fig, quince, and sour cherry spreads, balsamic drizzle, and caramelized onions to our sandwiches.

Put garlic powder in the butter

Add a little garlic powder into your butter before spreading it on the bread. It’s like making grilled cheese with garlic bread, adding a mouthwateringly new flavour dimension to your creations.


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