7 Stellar Canadian Cheeses for Your Burger

Whether it’s a classic smoky BBQ hamburger from the BBQ or a crispy smashburger from the fry pan, we can all agree there is no better topping for your burger than cheese! (Sorry, bacon and ketchup.)

While cheddar is a fine choice, it’s always fun to step outside of the ordinary and pick a less conventional curd to complement your next cheeseburger.

When asked for burger-topping recommendations at TOMME, we think in terms of both texture and flavour. You want something that not only tastes amazing with beef but also provides a soft and creamy texture contrast to the crunchy toasted bun and grilled patty. There are lots of amazing homegrown options.

So next time you’re craving a cheeseburger, ditch the rubbery slices of American cheese for these 7 stellar Canadian choices. 

Ultra smooth, soft, and gooey, Riopelle is a triple crème brie-style cheese from Quebec has mild flavours of butter and mushroom. Plonk a wedge on your burger and just watch it melt to perfection. 

Trezieme Apotre
This isn’t your typical soft chevre. Trezieme Apotre is a firm and flavourful washed-rind goat cheese from Quebec’s Eastern Townships. It melts beautifully with salty and nutty flavours that work amazingly well on a burger. 

Raclette de Compton - Red Peppercorns
As a raclette, this creamy cheese is made to melt. What’s more, Raclette de Compton - Red Peppercorns has a line of red peppercorns shot through the centre of the wheel, giving the cheese an enticing-yet-subtle pepper flavour. 

Raclette du Compton - Red Peppercorns at TOMME Cheese Shop.

Blyth Smoked
Blyth Smoked is a deliciously rich and extra smoky riff on Gouda made with sheep milk. You won't believe how well it works on a hamburger. 

Wild Nettle Gouda
Yes, someone has actually put stinging nettle leaves in cheese. Don’t worry, it’s not painful. In fact, Wild Nettle Gouda gives your burgers an enticing herb-and-garlic flavour. Plus, it’s a super supple melter. 

Mountainoak Wild Nettle Gouda available at TOMME Cheese Shop

Appletree Smoked Cheddar
Too cold to go outside BBQ? Not to worry. Just throw a few slices of Appletree Smoked Cheddar on your burger and your tastebuds will be transported to the backyard grill in the middle of summer. 

Ontario doesn’t have any mountains but this cheese from Woodstock is inspired by the Alps and the cheese styles that originate in the Swiss mountains. With Handeck, you’ll get bold nutty flavours. Not known as a super melter, we recommend grating it to top your burger.

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