Top 3 Cheeses: Nachos

Honestly, who doesn’t love nachos?

It doesn’t matter where you’re from or what cuisine you grew up eating, there’s something so satisfying about that combination of crispy tortilla chips, creamy guacamole, spicy salsa, and tangy sour cream.

But let’s face it, a plate of nachos ain’t nothing but a pile of wet chips without the cheese. It pulls everything together. No matter how much you love your SO, you’re going to fight them for that last chip with the last little morsel of melted cheese on it.

And while Monterey Jack, cheddar, or mozzarella are decent choices, you can have a little more fun by experimenting. The next time those south-of-the-border cravings strike, try one of the following.

Oxford's Harvest Jalapeno cheese

Oxford's Harvest Jalapeno

Semi-soft, totally meltable, and spicy thanks to the pieces of pepper throughout. This cheese with a kick was practically made for adding to your next nacho platter. 




Pacific Wildfire cheese

Pacific Wildfire

A smoky two-alarm fire for your tortilla chips. This gooey melter combines smoke with a double-hit of heat from pieces of paper lantern chili peppers and crushed black pepper. 




Raclette Fritz

Your out-of-left-field choice for Tex-Mex. This Swiss-style cheese made in Quebec is actually a great choice because it’s made to melt, tastes great, and has a wonderful elasticity.

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