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Raclette Kaiser

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A very nice, mild raclette cheese from Quebec. The subtle notes of hazelnut and melted butter combine with a gorgeous supple texture to make this cheese a great choice for snacking or melting.

Wedges ~150 g. Note: product photos are not intended to depict any particular size wedge.

(For a raclette dinner, we recommend between 100 g and 200 g of cheese per person.)

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Customer Reviews

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Toomas Vali
Pictures are deceiving

Products look great 😊 n website. Very small in reality. Cheese is very oily vs real Swiss raclette cheese

Sorry to hear the cheese wasn't to your liking. Fortunately, we also offer Swiss and French raclette for those who prefer something different.

WRT product size, the unit for each cheese is intentionally not large. We don't want to put customers in a position where they need to buy large amounts, especially if it's a cheese they are unfamiliar with.

For transparency, we clearly list the size of wedge being purchased (~150 g in this case). Here we also try to be helpful by recommending how much cheese is generally required per person when serving raclette. Additionally, we also state in the product description: “Product photos are not intended to depict any particular size wedge.”

To label us deceptive for posting a photo of what the cheese actually looks like is simply an unfair characterization. Even if they ignore all of the information above, we think most customers realize they are not getting the quarter wheel of cheese in the photo for $7.95.