The 2024 World Champion

What does the world’s most-celebrated cheese taste like?

Say hello to Hornbacher and find out!

This extraordinary cheese from Switzerland was recently named the World Champion Cheese for 2024. And we have a wheel of this rare and distinguished cheese in-house right now!

A Big Deal

Curd nerds will geek out over the near-perfect score Hornbacher received at the World Cheese Championship—an astounding 98.98 out of a possible 100 points. Truly amazing.

For us, the excitement is more about providing you with an exciting cheese you’ve never experienced before—wildly flavourful and fantastically complex.

Rare in Canada

Members of our Ultimate Cheese Subscription were the first to try this cheese when we were lucky enough to get a wheel in April.

We liked it so much, we ordered another whole wheel right away. It was just too special not to share with all of our customers.

If you enjoy Alpine cheeses or simply like tasting something rare and exciting, Hornbacher is the cheese you need to try. This one is a special.

Oh So Flavourful

So what does Hornbacher taste like? The umami-rich flavour profile is dominated by delicious notes of roasted nuts and caramelized onions.

It also has a long, earthy aftertaste with a persistent richness. In fact, Hornbacher has earned the nickname “baked potato cheese” because it reminds some folks of oven-baked buttered spuds. We’ll let you be the judge on that one.

Serving Suggestions

With so much flavour, it’s perfectly acceptable to go solo and serve Hornbacher all on its own. But it also works nicely with sweet and sour fruit spreads, such as sour cherry jam or rhubarb jelly.

In terms of wine, you can go for a Reisling or nice oaky Chardonnay. It also works well with sweet wines such as ice wine, sherry, and port.

You can buy a wedge of Hornbacher while supplies last.

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