Getting Fancy for You

Kim and I are excited to be heading out on a quick jaunt to NYC for the Summer Fancy Food Show next week.

(Don’t worry, the shop will remain open for normal business hours.)

A getaway to New York is always fun, but the goal of this trip is to create more exciting food adventures for you.

Unearthing Hidden Gems

The Fancy Food Show is a treasure trove of culinary delights—a hot spot for discovering the latest trends and innovations.

We’re gonna get access to exceptional products that are hard to find elsewhere.

Think Indiana Jones but with cheese and delicious treats! (And no snakes.)

Community Connections

Attending the Fancy Food Show lets us build more relationships with passionate food professionals, artisans, and suppliers.

And when we forge these relationships, it connects you to incredible experiences we can all share.

So What?

Want proof this is more than a tax write off? Look no further than the amazing new Spanish products we found for you at the SIAL food show last month.

Hand-Sliced Jamon Iberico

This exquisitely dark and rich Spanish ham has a unique, world-renowned flavour. Each piece has been hand-sliced by Spanish master ham carvers. (Yes, this is a profession!)

Marcona Almonds

Definitely not your average almond, this Spanish variety has a rich distinctive flavor and delightful crunchy texture. Sautéed and salted, they’re perfect for snacking or including on a charcuterie platter.

Stay Tuned

So, dear friends, our visit to the Summer Fancy Food Show is not just a fun adventure for us—it's a mission to bring you the very best.

We'll return inspired with exceptional products, fresh flavors, and exciting ideas up our sleeves for you.

Get ready to embark on more delicious food journeys with us soon!

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