Be a Rebel—Enjoy Panettone in the Summer

We know you love flavour adventures, looking for delicious foods you’ve never experienced.

Enter the incredibly rich, airy, and sweet Candied Strawberry Panettone from Viva Panettone in Montreal.

We’ve got this fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth treat that combines centuries of tradition with sweet, field-fresh fruit from Quebec.

Animated GIF of a candied strawberry panettone being unwrapped.

You don’t want to miss it!

What’s Panettone?

For those not familiar, panettone is a sweet Italian bread similar to brioche. It’s famed for its dome-shaped top and tall, paper-wrapped cylindrical base—it looks a little like a big fluffy muffin.

Inside, the crumb is sweet, incredibly soft, and airy. Panettone often also contains goodies such as candied fruits, raisins, and sometimes nuts or chocolate.

Close up shot of a torn off piece of Candied Strawberry Panettone at TOMME Cheese Shop.

Not Just for Christmas

This treat is traditionally only enjoyed around Christmastime. But let’s change that!

The mouthwatering Canadian-made panettone we have is bursting with the flavour of two types of vanilla, strawberry-infused chocolate, and large candied Quebec strawberries.

Each panettone is 500 g. For comparison, this is more manageable than the big 1 kg loaves sold during the holidays and they’re the perfect size for sharing.

A 500 g Candied Strawberry Panettone sitting next to a box at TOMME Cheese Shop.

Uniquely Canadian Goodness

Viva Panettone is the only Canadian facility capable of producing authentic panettone.

And they take authenticity very seriously. The two master bakers use a meticulous process that takes place over 48 hours to patiently produce their panettone.

Even more amazing, they use a sourdough “mother” from Italy which has been nurtured for more than a century. It’s been alive for over 100 freakin’ years!!!

They use organic fruit in their panettone and candy it in-house. They also use butter with 82-84% butter fat for incomparable richness.

Try One

Sound good? You can order one today!

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