Cheesy Easter Eggs

Remember that classic 80s TV ad with the bunny clucking like a chicken? After delivering her lines, she hops off to reveal a nest of chocolate eggs.

Well, the bunny’s got some delicious competition this year in the form of tasty cheese eggs we’re bringing in for your Easter get-togethers!

Goat Eggs
We’re always trying to bring you something new and exciting to enjoy. For the first time ever, we’re flying in Uovo di Capri (literally meaning “goat eggs”) from Italy.

These silky smooth and flavourful cheese treasures are handmade with unpasteurized goat milk in the Piedmont region.

 Uovo di Capra goat cheese sliced in half on a wooden board to reveal a yellow yolk.

Delicate and Tasty
This cheese may be adorable but don’t let that fool you—is a seriously great cheese.

Fresh, natural, and unripened cheeses made with unpasteurized goat milk are rarely found outside  Europe. Uovo di Carpa must be flown in from Italy, rather than taking the long voyage by sea, due to its short shelf life.

A delightful experience, unlike anything else we’ve ever sold.

The cheese is a robiola, a type of luxuriously soft, delicately crumbly, and tangy type of cheese originating in the Piedmont, Italy. But it goes well beyond that thanks to the fact that it’s made with raw milk. You’ll be blown away by the extremely complex earthy and mushroom flavours.

The small dairy that makes Uovoi di Capra is committed to craftsmanship. Like really committed.

There’s no machinery in the dairy at all. Instead, old cheesemaking methods are employed. Each vat of milk is filled and mixed manually, each delicate egg with its playful saffron-coloured cheese “yolk” is formed and wrapped by hand.

Uovo di Capra goat cheese wrapped in white paper.

No that there’s anything wrong with machanization, but this kind of craftsmanship speaks to their commitment to quality

Order Today
Uovo di Capra will be arriving in limited quantities on March 22. Order now to guarantee yours!

Just in time for Easter. Only at TOMME.

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