Best Supporting Actors

They are Jamie Lee Curtis & Ke Huy Quan at the Oscars.

Crackers often go overlooked. But just like in the film Everything Everywhere All at Once, the supporting actors are crucial and deserve some recognition.

Here’s our quick guide to the types of crackers you’ll want to consider for your next cheese adventure.

Grainy Goodness
Rustic crackers that include whole grains, dried fruit, nuts, and seeds offer amazing flavour pairing opportunities with your cheese selection.

Their heartier flavours make them a great pairing with stronger cheeses, such as Alpines and blues. And don’t overlook these grain bombs for enjoying with stinkers like Epoisses and Bête-À-Séguin.

On the other hand, you’ll likely find milder cheeses can be overwhelmed by the flavours of a super rustic cracker. For example, you probably don’t want to pair a subtle Brie style cheese with a hefty rye crisp.

Our brand new Rustic Bakery Artisan Crisps are a perfect example of delightfully grainy crackers.

Thin, Light & Crisp
This style is ideal when you want something that let’s the cheese shine. The crackers feel like they’re hardly there at all—they're basically just a cheese delivery vehicle. They add a nice light-but-crispy texture to any cheese board.

34 Degree Crisps are the ideal example. They're round and super crisp. (Catholics love comparing them to communion hosts!)

And they’re not filling, so they allow you to indulge in the maximum amount of cheese!

Some folks find these crackers a little too delicate to spread soft cheeses on. Pro tip: Spread your cheese or topping on the cracker while it’s still resting flat on your plate or cheese board. That’ll keep it from snapping in half.

Plain with Big Crunch
On the surface, simple crackers can seem boring. But they are plain by design. They deliver massive crackly texture and are extremely versatile because they don’t have bold flavours that could clash with your cheese.

This type of cracker is a great all-rounder and should be a go-to choice. They are easily paired up with just about any cheese under the sun. (But please don’t leave your cheese under the sun.)

For those who find this type of cracker too dull, you can often find them in variations flavoured with seeds, herbs, and spices.

We carry world famous Jacob’s Cream Crackers, Rustic Bakery Sourdough Crackers, and Mini Croccantini Crackers in this category.

Gluten-Free Crackers
Given Keto diets and gluten sensitivities, it’s smart to include one or two gluten-free options if you’re serving a crowd.

While GF options can have a reputation for being cardboard-esque, this isn’t necessarily true.

Our customers love Vilma’s Swedish Organic Crackers which are made with oats and taste absolutely delicious. Whether you’re trying to avoid gluten or not, they are a fantastic addition to your next cheese spread.

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