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Perfect for brie lovers who want to try something different with that lovely supple texture.

St. Nectaire is a semi-soft. raw-milk farmhouse cheese (the producers raise their own cattle). It's aged up to 2 months on rye-straw mats that impart deliciously unique flavours of nuts, hay, earth, and mushrooms.

Pair with Chablis, Chenin Blanc, Red Bordeaux, Syrah, Amber Ale, or Weissbier.

~100 g wedges

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Customer Reviews

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Mike tang
Not a fan

Easily one of the worst cheese I have ever had, tastes very bitter and imagine if the whole cheese taste like the typical brie rind. I'm honestly not sure if the cheese already went bad. Would give 0 stars if I could.

Thank you for the refund, and I'm not trying to be combative and I clearly don't know what your QA process is. I'm just trying to help. To be clear I just got the cheese, and it was marked sold out after I bought it. So I don't know if I bought the last slice or what. Saying it was "sold out since I bought it" doesn't really explain anything considering maybe the others got a fresh slice and I could have had the last slice that was in storage for some time. Additionally, I did not eat the rind. I tried different sections of the cheese like only the middle and each piece tasted like the rind, and was very bitter.

We're sorry to hear you didn't enjoy your wedge of St. Nectaire. We hand-cut and check each wedge we ship, so I don't believe it was off in any way. Additionally, the wheel your wedge was cut from has since sold out and we haven't heard any other concerns. It sounds like you may have eaten the rind, which on this cheese is quite gritty and bitter--not appetizing. We generally recommend avoiding the rind if you don't enjoy it. Nonetheless, we've issued a full refund on your wedge.

Edit: We don't take your feedback as combative. :) And thanks for sharing your experience. Very sorry, you didn't enjoy the cheese.