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Ski Queen Gjetost

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You won't believe this is cheese. It has the texture and flavour of a Kraft Caramel square you remember from trick or treating in years gone by.

Also known as "brown cheese" or brunost, Ski Queen is a typically Norwegian full-fat whey cheese with a fudge-like texture and sweet caramel flavour that was first made in Norway's Gudbrandsdalen Valley more than 130 years ago. 

250 g block

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Susan Webb
Gjetost - Norwegian Brown Cheese (Ski Queen)

I bought this out of curiosity as I'm always up to try new things. My Gjetost cube was delivered cold and I've kept it in the fridge but it really needs to sit a day on the counter to eat/spread at room temperature. There are four ingredients: whey, goat milk, cream and milk. Norwegians slice it thin and eat it with warmed bread (toast, waffles); there's a very slight sweetness that gives it a unique and subtle flavour (some say like caramel although I didn't get this myself.) It's quite unique: not creamy like a European high fat butter, but it's lovely on raisin bread and divine with freshly baked bread. For a party, I'd shave curls of gjetost and serve on crackers with a nice white wine. It's certainly a conversation starter!