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Toma Brusca (Castelrosso)

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We're thrilled that Toma Brusca (aka Castelrosso), one of the most popular selections ever from our cheese-of-the-month sucscription, is coming back in June! However, our supply is expected to be very limited. 

From Piedmont, Italy, Toma Brusca is a multi-dimensional stunner. The paste next to the inedible rind is salty and lusciously creamy. Toward the centre of the wheel, the paste retains a firmer, slightly crumbly structure. The flavour throughout is delicate and wonderfully complex with a slight sharpness.

~200 g wedges Note: product photos are not intended to depict any particular size wedge.

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Customer Reviews

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Andrew Martin

Difficult to get this cheese in Canada so really appreciate their service

Loads of depth, a new favourite

Loved it. It's milky and salty with a little bit of toothsomeness and "squeak," like cheese curds or a firm feta, but with a whole lot more complexity. The piece I got had delicious blue veining that added another set of floral and mineral flavours. Kept me going back for more to try to tease apart all the layers of this tangled web of heaven!