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Chabichou d'Antan

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When something's been made for more than one thousand years, you can bet it's next to perfect.

Not surprisingly, this French goat cheese that's been made since the 8th century is perhaps the pinacle of goat milk cheeses. The wrinkly, fluffy natural rind encases a supple, bright white soft to semi-soft paste. It has a slightly sweet but zesty lemony character with an appealling minerality. 

Each cylinder weighs ~150 g

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Pinnacle is right!

Damn, this thing is perfect. At room temp, this cheese offers a penumbra of gooey oozy molten triple creme lusciousness surrounding a slightly firmer yet smooth, creamy and mild but zesty chevre-like core. No barnyardiness, just all the layers of pure goaty excellence.

Jenn S
The most deliscious goat cheese

A goat cheese meets a triple cream brie's texture. So glad I tried this and will definitely be back for more over the holidays.

Kassie Jennings
chabichou review

Delish- brought it to room temp and it was creamy and rich