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Caciocavallo Podolico

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An very rare and traditionally made version of this popular Calabrian cheese. It is sharp, spicy, and crumbly and made from the raw milk of the Podolica breed of cattle.

Caciocavallo actually means “horse cheese” owing to the fact that pairs of the gourd-shaped cheese are tied together & hung over wooden rods as they age, as if straddling a horse.

Unlike other Caciocavallos, flavours are intense in this handmade, long-aged version with herbal notes balanced by fruit and tang.

Sold in ~200 g or ~300 g wedges. (Note: product photos are not intended to depict any particular size wedge.)

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Customer Reviews

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Mike Grilli

It was abit salty and the pieces were to small hope that you would have bigger next time

Hi Mike. Sorry you didn't enjoy the long-aged salty nature of this cheese. WRT the size of your pieces, I have to respectfully correct what you've said. I packed your order personally and you received a total of 250 g of cheese rather than the 2 x 100 g you ordered. The second piece was the end of a wedge and it actually weighed 150 g. Cutting the extra 50 g off the piece would have been silly, so we sent you a larger piece than you ordered.

John Cataldi

Caciocavallo Podolico

Bruno B
Great versatile cheese

This is a spicy, crumbly, sharp and very intense flavoured cheese. It can be blended with mozzarella to make a delicious cheese pizza. Or it can be used in an antipasto salad or as a grating cheese for pasta. Or simply enjoyed on its own with a nice crusty bread.