Truffle Time at TOMME

Truffles seem ridiculous. These warty, knobbly, and frankly unattractive fungi grow underground, are sniffed out by dogs and pigs, and dug out of the earth by hand. Just looking at them, you’d wonder how they end up on the finest plates in the world.

With just one taste, though, it’s easy to understand why these luxurious nuggets of black gold have earned their high-end reputation.

Our customers are all about the truffles. At TOMME, few cheeses are more popular than our range of truffle cheeses from Truffle Manchego to Truffle Brie to Honey Truffle Gouda. 

With this kind of popularity, we’re giving  people more of what they want! We’re super excited to introduce a whole new line of delicious and innovative truffle products.


Just What is a Truffle? 

Truffles are a type of wild fungi that grow underground amongst the roots of trees. Truffle hunters enlist the help of a specially trained pig or dog that can locate these little nuggets by their scent. 

There are more than 200 varieties of truffle. Generally they are divided into white and black truffles. While they can be grown in any region with a “Mediterranean climate,” the best are most commonly found in Italy, Spain, and France.

The aroma and flavour of truffles is nothing short of mindblowing and honestly hard to put into words–at once nutty, earthy, musky, oaky sometimes with chocolaty or garlicky notes.


Not “Truffle Flavoured”

Our new line of products are all made with real truffles, which means they are far more nuanced and authentically flavoured than products which are artificially “truffle-flavoured.”

From caviar-like truffle pearls to flaky truffle salts, our new line up covers a wide variety. Each products is packed with an amazing depth of flavour, providing a quick and easy way to add some serious luxury to any meal. Together, they highlight the tremendous versatility of the truffle. 

You Can’t Go Wrong With Pearls

Yes, truffle pearls might just be the height of opulence—and you deserve to treat yourself!

Available in white and black varieties, these innovative products come to us from Italy, and resemble caviar in both texture and form. 

Luxurious, delicious, and pantry-proof, truffle pearls easily elevate just about any dish—from garnishing soft cheeses to finishing soups, seafood, eggs, and so much more!


Sweeten the Deal

How do you make deliciously light and sweet acacia honey better? I’m sure you can guess by nowadd truffles!

In this case, white truffle slices are combined with this beautiful and vibrant honey, creating a seriously sumptuous spread that’s an incredible accompaniment for cheeses such as Parmigiano Reggiano, Pecorino, and blue cheeses. 

Your Newest Pantry Staple

Sale con Tartufo Bianco, aka slices of real white truffle combined with sea salt harvested from France, aka your new secret ingredient. 

Flaky and fantastic, Guérande salt is a beautiful sea salt that has a long history in France. Having been harvested since the 3rd century BCE, it’s finally met a worthy match in its pairing with incredible Italian white truffles. 

The result is a versatile seasoning that's excellent on pasta, risotto, omelets, barbecue steaks, beef carpaccio, tuna tartare, and cheesy potatoes. 

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