Top 3 Cheeses: Brunch

The Easter Bunny cometh. And with him comes Easter Brunch.

After the kids have scoured the house for chocolate, reward yourself with Mimosas, Eggs Benedict, and these 3 must-have brunch cheeses.

Ubriaco al Prosecco

Mimosas are nice, but sparkling wine-soaked cheese may be even better! Each wheel of Ubriaco al Prosecco spends 2 months bathing in Prosecco (life goals!) and a further 6 months aging. The result is a well-balanced savory and fruity firm Italian cheese that is simply delicious.



La Fontaine

Every brunch needs a soft, decadent cheese. Look no further than this French triple-crème pleasure bomb. Adjectives hardly do it justice, but we'll try: incredibly rich and sumptuous, tantalizingly salty, and extra buttery. 




Mango Ginger White Stilton

Satisfy your sweet tooth with a wedge of this tropical stunner. Not to be confused with mold-veined Blue Stilton, this enticingly tangy and sweet cheese is instead packed with pieces of candied mango and ginger.

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