Knife Sharpening January 25, 2024


Back by popular demand, we're offering expert knife and blade sharpening at TOMME.


We have your knives sharpened by Andrew at Sharp My Knife. He's been sharpening and repairing knives for many years, working with Food Network chefs and restaurants across the province.


Dull knives lead to frustration and hand fatigue from forcing your cuts. Forcing your cuts leads to accidents. 

Whether you're a kitchen pro or a busy mom whipping up dinner, you'll love how much safer and easier it is to slice your ingredients with razor-sharp knife.


Just bring your knives into TOMME—wrapped in a sheath or tea towel, please—by Thursday, January 25. They'll be sharpened the next morning and then we'll email you when they're ready for pick up. You'll have them back in time for the weekend! 


  • Drop off by Thursday, January 25
  • Pick up afternoon of Friday, January 26 (we'll send you an email when they're ready)


  • $1.60 per inch of blade for straight blades
  • $3.20 per inch of blade for serrated
  • $10 for scissors
  • repairs to damaged blades available, prices quoted before work begins


  • Andrew

    No need to register. Just bring in your knives by Thursday at 7 PM. We’ll email you the next day when they are ready for pick up!

  • Lori Hasulo

    Do I need to register for the knife sharpening?

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