Cheesy Gifts

Guest post by Rebecca Mayville

“The perfect gift doesn’t exist.”

We’d argue cheese comes awfully close because it’s so versatile!

  • There’s tons of varieties, flavours, and price points—you can suit almost anyone’s tastes
  • Really good cheese is a treat many folks won’t give themselves
  • Giving a cheese board or gift box provides delicious and much-needed sustenance

Events big and small fill our inboxes every day. Often, a gift is a meaningful way to share in these occasions. Whether celebrating or commiserating, we humbly suggest cheese.

If you’re lucky, you’ve got a lot of people in your life to be thankful for—even if it’s just for the little things.

There’s the mom down the street who always volunteers to drive the neighbourhood kids AND pick them up. Or your UPS driver who helpfully hides your parcels inside the planter when you’re not home.

The gift of cheese is a thoughtful thank you for these types of small and generous kindnesses. Perhaps a Small Gift Box is in order.

Better Than Diapers
When a baby is born, she can expect all sorts of gifts from cute onesies to diapers, so many diapers. But what about the people changing those mountains of diapers?

Without a lot of time for things like sleeping, bathing, or meal making, new parents need to find their strength somewhere. A Large Cheese Board makes a great meal-for-two that requires zero preparation and will do wonders for their tired souls.

Comforting Condolences
As thoughtful as it is to welcome a new baby, it’s also comforting to offer the gift of cheese when friends are going through the difficult process of saying goodbye to a loved one.

Whether you’re visiting the recently bereaved or live across the country, bringing a cheese board or sending a gift box can give those who are grieving much-needed comfort and nourishment to ease the burden a little.

Partners in Cheese
You’ve been through thick and thin with your spouse and now your anniversary is coming up. Buying him new socks and underwear might be easy, and necessary, but it’s just not very celebratory. Ditto a new vacuum cleaner—in fact, that gift might just END the marriage.

Why not make it an extra-special anniversary this year and give your spouse a selection of cheeses with depths of flavour that really tell the story of your time together?

Maybe you went on your first date to an Italian restaurant, talking for hours over burrata, truffles, and glasses of Valpolicella. Tell them that story this anniversary with a gift that includes those nostalgic flavours.

“The Appliances Haven’t Arrived?!?”
Maybe you have new neighbors unpacking next door or perhaps your parents have just downsized to a condo and are feeling a little out of sorts.

The gift of cheese says “welcome home” and saves them having to worry about at least one meal while they're waiting for appliance installations.

Apology Cheese
We’re not at all sorry to tell you that cheese makes a very effective apology gift.

Missed your best friend’s birthday? Nothing says “I love you but I just have a horrible memory” like some big ol' wedges of cheese to share together.

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