About Cheese Paper

You’ve had a rough week.

The only thing that’s gonna redeem this Friday night is that delicious wedge of brie you’ve been saving.

But when you reach into the fridge all you can find is a stinking, slimy wedge-shaped blob of mould wrapped in plastic! Nooooooo!!

Protect Your Cheese

We’ve all been there and we deserve better. Our cheese deserves better!

With its live bacterial cultures and beneficial molds, cheese is a food that needs to “breathe,” to be exposed to air circulation. Wrapping cheese in plastic stops that crucial air flow and will eventually suffocate it, degrading its flavor and causing it to spoil, mold, and “slime-ify.”

On the other hand, cheese is prone to drying out if it’s exposed to too much air, so reusable plastic tubs, glass containers, and parchment paper aren’t particularly great options either.

Cheese paper is a Goldilocks solution for keeping your precious cheese fresh and tasty for as long as possible. And that’s why we wrap every wedge we sell in cheese paper.

What is Cheese Paper?

Cheese paper is usually comprised of two layers: an outer layer of paper that blocks light and a very thin inner layer of non-porous material like wax or polypropylene.

This unique paper allows you to fold your cheese into a little package, creating the perfect micro-environment.

The cheese paper’s shiny inner coating keeps in most of the moisture, preventing the cheese from drying out. But there’s still some air exchange thanks to the fact the package is not completely air tight and this helps prevent mold from developing due to excessive moisture.

Storing Your Cheese

If you bought your cheese from us, just keep it in the cheese paper it arrived in.

You should store your cheese in the fridge for maximum freshness and food safety. We recommend popping it into the vegetable drawer or a dedicated cheese compartment. Do your best to keep it away from strong-smelling foods.

If you don’t have cheese paper on hand, you can use this little trick: wrap your cheese in parchment or wax paper and then place it inside a zip-top bag but leave the bag unzipped so air can get in and out.

Alternatively, you can wrap your cheese in beeswax wrap.


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    We do offer small bundles of 5 sheets of cheese paper in the shop for $3.95.

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    Do You sell cheese paper??? I

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