5 Tips for an Amazing Cheese Board

Don't be intimidated. Creating a stunning cheese board isn't actually all that hard and composing one is almost as fun as eating it.

Just follow these 5 tips and you'll be well on your way to creating a board your guests will love!

1) Choose the Right Board
Too small a board and your offerings will keep falling off the edge, making it difficult for your guests to dig in without making a mess. Too large a board and your spread will look sparse and chintzy.

The right-size serving board looks full but not crowded. There should be enough room so your guests don’t feel like they’re playing Operation when taking a piece of cheese.

2) Pick a Variety of Cheeses
Provide a contrast of several types of cheese for your guests to explore.
A combination of soft, semi-soft, hard, and blue cheeses always works well.

You can also pick a variety within one type of cheese. Think of the different kinds of cheddar: aged and crumbly, smoked, goat-milk, or soft and creamy.
3) Precut Hard Cheeses
Cut up your harder cheeses that will be difficult for guest to cut into bite-sized triangles, rectangles, or matchsticks before you put them on the board.

But please don’t cut your cheese into cubes! Nothing screams boring cheese like cheese cubes.
4) Fill in the Gaps
Add crackers after the cheese is arranged on your board. But don’t overload, you can always replenish throughout the event.

Fill in gaps in your arrangement with nuts, slices of charcuterie, fresh and dried fruit, veggies, fruit spreads, mustards, etc.
5) Accessorize!
Like accessories for a great outfit, you should add garnishes as a finishing accent for your board. Fresh herbs such as rosemary, thyme, or bay leaves make great garnishes because they add colour variation and visual texture.


  • Susan

    I always appreciate your tips and when I visit the store I appreciate your recommendations! Thank you!

  • Ryan

    These are fantastic tips and your emails are always a great read keep them coming!!!

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