Get the Ultimate Cheese Subscription


There's a whole world of cheese out there. Now you get to taste it!


The Ultimate Cheese Subscription introduces you to exciting flavours you've never experienced.

We search Canada and Europe for the best, most intersting, and tastiest cheeses available.

What we find, we bring in just for our subscribers!


You deserve more than "lunchbox" cheese.


Cheeses exclusively for subscribers.


Pay as you go. Stop anytime.


  • 3 exclusive wedges of mouthwatering cheese from around the world
  • 1 extra tasty goodie, like crackers, fruit spreads, chocolate, charcuterie, etc.
  • Information cards telling you about each cheese
  • Wine- and beer-pairing suggestions
  • More sustainable deliveries—we carbon offset our shipping



On the first Friday or Saturday of every month, your subscription box is ready for pick up at TOMME or delivery to your home, office, cottage, or wherever.

Going to be away? No problem! You can put your subscription on hold as long as you like.

Need to cancel? Sure thing. There's no commitment.

Check out our FAQ below for more details.


We select amazing cheese.
All you have to do is enjoy.


Convenient home delivery,
available across Ontario.


• How much cheese will i get each month?

Each Ultimate Cheese Subscription box contains 3 wedges of cheese. (Plus an extra edible goodie such as crackers, fruit spreads, chocolate, or charcuterie.)

That’s enough for an individual or couple to enjoy over the course of several days. If you're willing to share (and that's a big if), it’s also great for entertaining 4-6 people for an evening.

The size of each piece of cheese varies. Generally, we aim for each wedge to come in around 150 g. However, the format and exclusivity of each cheese means some pieces can end up larger or smaller.

• Do I get to select the cheeses I get each month?

No, it's all about the surprise. The Ultimate Cheese Subscription is a curated program where each cheese is selected for our subscribers by our head cheesemonger.

• Can'T I just buy these cheeses myself?

No. In fact, they're not even available at our cheese counter.

What makes the Ultimate Cheese Subscription special is the cheeses are imported exclusively for our subscribers.

Every month, we only order enough to meet the needs of our subscription program. (If there are any leftover pieces, we may sell them in the shop but only after the subscribers have received their wedges.)

• Where do you deliver?

We can delivery your subscription box across Ontario. There's a flat fee of $10 per month for delivery.

• How long is the subscription?

As long as you want it to be! If you select a recurring subscription (pay-as-you-go), you can put your subscription on hold or stop it at any time.

(Any requests to change, pause, or stop your subscription simply need to be submitted by the 25th of the month prior.)

• Are the cheeses pasteurized?

Not all of them. Each month, we select the best cheeses available regardless of whether they’re pasteurized. In any given month, the selections may be made with pasteurized, thermalized, or raw milk.

At this time, we don’t offer a subscription comprised of only pasteurized cheeses.

• Are the cheeses made with just cow’s milk?

No. Each month there may be a mix of cow, sheep, goat, or sometimes even buffalo milk cheeses.

• Will I get blue cheeses?

Not very often. Because it's not everyone’s cup of tea, we tend to avoid selecting blue cheese for our subscribers. However, we will occasionally include a single blue cheese if we think it’s really outstanding.

• When will i receive my first subscription box?

This depends on when you place your order.

If you order on or before the 25th of the month, you'll get the very next monthly box, ready for pick up or delivery on the first Friday of the coming month.

If you order after the 25th, you'll receive a subscription box on the first Friday of the month after the next month.

For example, if you purchase your subscription before January 25, you'll get the February subscription box. If you purchase your subscription on January 26, you'll get the March subscription box.

• Can I pre-pay for my subscription?

Absolutely! You can select one of several pre-paid options, from just 3 months up to a whole year.

• Can I give the Ultimate Cheese Subscription as a gift?

For sure. Just select a pre-paid option. They are perfect for giving to cheese-loving friends and family.


You deserve something delicious to look forward to each month.


The Best Surprise

"I love the surprise of opening the box and reading the tasting note cards. I collect mine as a cheese journal!"

—Joel M.

A Delight-Filled Delivery

"The cheese subscription delivery is something we look forward to each month as a pleasant surprise and delight."

—Tim L.

The Perfect Date Night

"Highlight of my month. I honestly count down the days every month! Each box creates a dedicated time for us to spend together."

Krista C.